I have been working as User Experience Designer and Researcher since 2011 with SME, global enterprises (financial, media, law firm, IT, energy suppliers), and retailers (fashion, grocery, entertainment), and for the public sector on Saas, CRM, intranets, websites, online stores and mobile apps.

For the last five years, I’ve been leading and mentoring UX Designers and Content Designers to create compelling digital products and to implement digital transformation projects. Since two years I’ve been managing UX Teams.


I have improved my skills by obtaining certificates in Mobile Experience (Nielsen Norman Group), Content Strategy for Professionals (Northern Western University), Web UX, and Human Computer Interaction (HCI).
I also have completed my MA in Cultural and Critical Studies in London with a dissertation on ‘Visual art in the Internet age’, exploring how audiences and artists have created interactive and collaborative works of art in the late 1990s.


When not in the digital space, I upholster antique and modern chairs to create new seating experiences.


Last but not least: I’m a skipper and I love sailing.

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