Design, Test and Monitor

From design concept to clickable prototypes, on desktop and mobile; information architecture and navigation systems definition; user feedback and user testing; UX/UI guidelines and documentation. Analytics. Discuss, prioritse and process improvements.

  • User journey-to-be and tasks analysis.
  • Conceptual design, steps, features, epics.
  • High-level product/features design, new or improvements.
  • Gather early feedback from internal and external stakeholders.
  • Design (low) and hi-fi wireframes and clickable prototype.
  • Design system, components management.
  • Define mind map, IA, content structure and navigation systems.
  • User testing: quantitative & qualitative, task based, first click, tree testing.
  • Quickly iterate design. Lean UX (product manager, engineers/developers, QA).
  • Annotated wireframes or prototypes video to share with stakeholders.
  • Design and features implentation plan with PO/PM.
  • Acceptance criteria (Cucumber).
  • UI/UX Design system guidelines.
  • Monitor online usage and collect users feedback to identify potential improvements.
  • Define and collect analytics metrics.
  • Discuss and prioritise features/content monitoring results with internal stakeholders.
  • Define potential new discovery activities.