Proficiency in conducting research studies and applying creative processes that explore human-centered solutions- making insights actionable and scalable to help identify how to make better products and services as well as new ideas.

  • Scope, plan and run qualitative and quantitative user research in all stages of the design process and product lifecycle.
  • Managing research operations. Plan, create and manage user research panel to easily access customers and users. Participant selection, recruitment and follow-up.
  • Presenting findings and recommendations to senior stakeholders in a variety of
    formats to suit operational need.
  • Requirements prioritisation to balance business and customers/users needs.
  • Degree in multicultural studies with research in psychology, ethnography, communications, and digital behaviours.
  • Proficiency in planning, conducting/facilitating:
    • Workshops with internal and external stakeholders to gather requirements (e.g. empathy and experience mapping, page description workshop, business requirements).
    • Face to face interviews.
    • Online surveys (e.g. feedback, segmentation).
    • Desktop research (e.g.  stats, reports, customers/users behaviour, best practices).
    • Ethnographic and international market research.
    • Analytics setting and analysis.
    • Competitive research and analysis (market, benchmarks and features)
    • Empathy mapping outcomes to define proto personas.
    • Experience mapping outcomes (e.g. customer/user journey as-is) to define goals.
    • Card sorting, mindmap and IA workshops.
    • Usability/expert review, to identify experience gaps in relation to requirements
    • User personas/stakeholder profiles, Job to Be Done.