Thai Online Store for Global Retailer


The client required a study for an innovative user interface that could satisfy their Thai customers for the new non-food online shop. As UI/UX Expert, I have been appointed to the project to complete the research and design a new customer experience.

The client market research revealed that Thai customers were not comfortable with buying online. Therefore, the client asked first to validate a previous user research then to provide new ideas for the online store.

What I have done

After having analysed client research results, I have searched for statistics and alternative research results about digital customer behaviour in East Asia with particular interest on the Thai market.
Results have confirmed that Thai customers don’t trust online shopping and online payments. However, research demonstrated that they are keen to try online shopping when these are supported by people’s recommendations and reviews. In addition, research has revealed that along with social shopping Thai customers like to be engaged with games.
I have prepared and presented to the client the user research results and gathered their positive feedback.

International Market Research Results (sample)

To combine business and users requirements, I have suggested the client to introduce on the home, landing and product page social shopping elements such as reviews, recommendations, and best sellers. Then, I have suggested to introduce gamification elements with public awards, sales and loyalty point collection linked to the physical store in order to achieve two main objectives: engage customers to sign up and improve their profile, and enable the client to collect customer data and set bespoken offers.
The client was highly satisfied with the suggested ideas and recognized that they responded to their needs with the required elements of innovation and creativity.

Suggested Features

Suggested approach

Finally I have created wireframes of key pages (home, landing, product) and relevant visual mock-ups considering the cultural and social user requirements.

Thai online store Visual Mock-up

Thai online store Visual Mock-up

Thai Online store - Wireframes Product Page

Thai Online store – Wireframes Product Page

Thai Online Store – Product Page – Visual mock-up



The deliverable provided satisfied the client and despite the opening of the online store was postponed, concepts and designs have been used some time later for similar projects.