They’ve said

Emily Corfe, Content Strategist at BT
Anna is a dynamic and energetic UX manager. I was lucky to have had her as a line manager and to have benefited from her positive approach. Anna guided our GNE UX team through the implementation of a new UX strategy, including defining customer journeys and setting up the user research and content design process. Anna also managed the team’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation and led the development of a more effective automated comms strategy. As a manager, Anna was supportive, approachable and easy to work with. As a colleague, she brought lightness to the working day with her positive attitude and fresh ideas. She was an encouraging mentor to junior team members, and always happy to discuss ideas or provide 1-1 feedback. Anna was missed by everyone on the UX team when she left. I would jump at the chance to work with her again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a great people manager and UX strategist.

Claire Horbury, Product, Design & Content Lead
Anna worked for us at Saga as a UX research contractor on one of our high profile projects Saga Possibilities. She provided us with invaluable insight into our niche customer segment allowing us to pre-test any developments on the website and app before deciding to put ideas into practice. Anna’s work is very structured, clear and well thought thorough. Her sound recommendations contributed to the success of the project.

Ariane Delalieux, Program Manager IT at Salesforce
Anna took part of one of the most Salesforce challenging program in Italy as UX Senior architect. She had the opportunity to bring her experience and creative touch for the UX and UI design of the platform. This highly contributed to the user adoption.

Francesco Iannuzzelli, Senior Data Engineer / Scientist at Red Compass
Excellent customer-facing consultant and team worker,  Anna remarkable creative and content management skills, mixed with a strong passion in research, allow her to confidently approach any web project requirements.

Ivo Quartiroli, Book publisher and author at Silens-Global Book Publishing
Anna is accurate and steadfast in her work, at the same time she does not lack creative solutions. Excellent in keeping work relationships with colleagues and clients.