UX Research

I analyse users needs by running qualitative and quantitative research (interviews, surveys, contextual observations, etc.), along with analysis of local markets and cultural data (i.e. online customers behaviour and social media usage). I run competitors analysis and audit design, content, and social media against best practices and requirements. Following the research analysis I create personas then start designing the experience analysing mental models, user journey, experience maps, user segmentation graphs, etc.

Skills: Users recruitment, creation of user research panel, user research planning, interviews, online surveys, contextual enquiries, focus groups, workshops, personas, scenarios, user journeys, task analysis, markets and ethnographic research.
BA in Linguistics and Cultural Mediation, MA in Cultural and Critical studies specialised in Net.Art, Social Communication studies

Experience: 7 years

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

User Requirements analysis

Content prioritisation gathering and analysis (workshops, surveys)

Competitive Research and Analysis

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