App Studio for tracking Baby activities


The app tracks the baby’s growth, development, and health. The client wanted users to be able to input data and compare it with healthcare standards while sharing data with doctor.

What I have done

After conducting desktop research and a competitive analysis to understand the baby apps market opportunity, I analyzed users’ need and the main tasks. I created a data flow and defined the concept. Then I designed some hi-fi wireframes to show the main features and finally I suggested future improvements.

This concept enables users to track the baby’s health, growth, and development activities while comparing data with pulled in WHO and the National Health care system. They can also create formal reports to share when required. Both features match specific user requirements. Every activity can be shared with other connected users or doctors; user groups and a chat is included.
Users can also add new categories already included in the app (feeding) or completely customize it such as holidays for example, to track all activities (with media) about the baby’s first holidays.

Requirements Analysis | Competitor Research and Analysis | User Research | User Journeys | Data Flows | Wireframes | Tappable Prototype (Sketch, InVision)

Competitive Analysis
Users types
Data Flow
Data Flow
BabyTrack – Welcome
BabyTrack – Activities home
BabyTrack – Activity page

Try here the tappable prototype

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