Intranet for IT Service Company


The international IT Company decided for outsourcing the design of their Intranet. Based in London with half of their units set oversee they seemed initially reluctant to user experience. Their need was to optimise costs and therefore design quickly and efficiently.  

What I have done

With a selected representative of internal teams as participants, I have to run up to five Page Description Workshops (PDW) to define content generated by many different teams and countries while keeping design consistency throughout the solution.
Once analysed the results, combined and prioritised the data gathered, I have created the Page Description Diagram (PDD), and designed the template that could be used for all teams and countries to populate with their own content.

Page Description Workshop: the Wall

PDW: The wall reverted on a spreadsheet

PDW: The wall reverted on a spreadsheet

PDW: Content analysis (by topic)

Page Description Diagram (PDD)

Design: White Board Sketches

Design: the Template

Then I have created the relevant wireframes, presented the stakeholders to show the outcomes of the workshops and how quickly we could process the design.

Design: A team page wireframe based on the template


The new Intranet design has been delivered on time despite the short deadlines by creating templates instead of single pages. The client initially reluctant  has finally acknowledged that the UCD approach has been important to meet deadlines and quality of deliverables.


The quality of the work and deliverable have been consistent and of high quality. I also feel Anna has been patient and flexible with our lack of experience with user experience approach to design.’ 
Client main stakeholder and project manager, IT Company