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As UX Designer I have been in charge of the user experience the most visited website of the company. In liaise with the business stakeholders (Marketing and Product Management), the product owner, the web content team and back- front-end developers I have been in charge of the BAU and suggested strategic improvements.

The company traditional dimension and the decision process, along with a little experience with the UX practice and process could challenge the required improvements of the product.

What I have done

After having gathered the business stakeholder requirements I have set-up and run an in-house user testing, qualitative and quantitative user research (usability testing, face-2-face user interviews and remote survey).

Personas: profile, motivations, typical activities and relation with product recurrent characteristics. Created following the f-2-f interviews.

Personas (motivations, typical activities and relation with product recurrent characteristics following the f-2-f interviews)

The task based usability testing has been useful to test some specific features of the website and plan  relevant improvements.

The usability testing has been useful to test some specific features of the website and plan the relevant improvements.

Following the user testing it has emerged that users have difficulties in completing tasks on key pages, and that they are more interested in the useful information rather than marketing copy. I’ve engaged the product and marketing stakeholders to discuss the user testing results and define the priorities. As a result, we have set a UX roadmap of strategic improvements focused on reviewing the design of key pages to provide more usable content for users’ purposes, and to redesign existing landing pages to host some marketing content.

UX Designer Strategy

When it came to design specific pages, to get business requirements and align internal teams (product management and marketing), I have organised page description workshops sothat they could discuss together and agree the content. Finally I’ve validated the workshops results directly with users via an online survey.

Content First: Stakeholders workshop validated by users survey

Once the content has been defined and validated, I’ve designed the wireframes and discussed features with developers. Once technical sign-off I have planned a remotly run usability test to validate planned improvements with users. The test resulted successful for the 90% of the key improvements and with the product owner proceeded to setting the acceptance criteria and create the user stories and eventually the relevant development.

Lo/Hi Fi Wireframes (3 iterations)
Lo/Hi Fi Wireframes (3 iterations)
Usability Testing on Prototype
Usability Testing results on Prototype
Category Landing Page (Hi-FI BW)
Category Landing Page (Hi-FI BW)
Category Landing Page (Hi-FI COL)
Category Landing Page (Hi-FI COL)


The engagement of key business stakeholders has contributed to improve internal collaboration, reduce silos-working and infuse a product culture rather than department culture.

The knowledge about users’ needs beyond marketing segmentation has also increased, hence product, marketing and user requirements have been combined to design a more consistent user experience for customers.

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