Customer Portal on Salesforce Community


The energy supplier was undergoing a digital transformation project and adopting a full set of Salesforce solutions to improve internal processes and customer relations.

Appointed as Senior UX Designer / Customer Experience Lead, I’ve been responsible to set the implementation of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and overall improvement of the customer experience. To the newly created CX Team I’ve managed, it was assigned an internal excellent professional with extensive knolwedge of customers and internal flow, while I’ve hired a Communications and Content Designer.

Customers communications flow

After some initial internal meetings, it was acquired that customer communications flow and quality needed improvements.

With the team we’ve gathered additional information to understand the journey steps involving both customers and internal teams and we’ve created the as-is flow. This has highlighted some gaps and opportunities to improve the quantity and quality of communications. We’ve started to plan using the SF Marketing Cloud to create personalised messages both via email and on the company website.

The Content Designer has evaluated the content quality of the as-is messages and provided some advice to the marketing team, while as designer I’ve audited then created a new template directly on the SF Marketing Cloud.

Self-Service Portal

The external consultants appointed to implement Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Community needed a UX Designer to create the design of the new Customer portal. Compared to the current portal, it was necessary to refresh the UI to create a consistent digital brand identity and to improve features and functionalities. To provide a better experience to their customers.

After having gathered business requirements and sharing ideas with the solution architect, I’ve designed the new portal on Tablet portrait.

The portal new UI/UX design have then been documented and the small screen (smartphone) screen version has also been designed for most complex transactions.

GNE Symbols-Library
Symbols library (Sketch)