Customised Salesforce Service Cloud


The client (National Italian Energy Supplier) adopted the IT Company CRM solution and asked for the 80% of solution customisation to adapt their business and users requirements.

What I have done

As UX Architect Lead I have managed business and technical stakeholder, set the UX process and necessary actions, lead the UX/UI design, designed wireframes, and set-up the necessary guidelines.

First steps done: liaised with the project team and the client to set up a UX process and engage the team (project and delivery manager, BAs, development team), improve the solution design consistency, converge communication between teams and work directly with the client main stakeholders to drive the approach and facilitate user adoption.

I have defined a UX Process to discuss within the project team and set-up an integrated process to efficiently deliver on due date and to avoid inconsistency and complaints by the client. With regular meetings within teams and constant agile working, it has been possible to set up all activities and necessary validations.

I have audited the existing solution, highlighted the main design patterns and defined  template and UI components to use throughout the solution for the 25 project streams (customer service processes).

Service Cloud

Service Cloud (with full length wireframe)
Service Cloud (with full length wireframe)

I have managed the UI/UX Guidelines as started by the previous UX team. I have suggested and discussed details, best practices and approach for designing features. The UI guidelines successfully became the main reference for Bas, SAs and developers.

Wireframe documentation (for IT Stakeholders sign-off)
Wireframe documentation (for IT Stakeholders sign-off))
UX/UI Guidelines
UX/UI Guidelines
Proposed Visual Enhancements
Proposed Visual Enhancements


The solution was delivered on time, the collaboration among project teams improved, the solution design as consistent as required, and the user experience value recognised. The client was satisfied and the IT company proud of the job done.

“We’ll definitely miss Anna professionalism and experience!”
Client main business stakeholder, Energy Supplier
“Anna took part of one of the most SF challenging Program in Italy as UX Senior architect. She had the opportunity to bring her experience and creative touch for the UX and UI design of the platform. This highly contributes to the user adoption.”
Program Manager, IT Company

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